VW Electrical Connectors

So after much research – this is how it works. As far as troubleshooting the wiring goes, I find Haynes diagrams easier than Bentleys…!

If you have a damaged loom in your car, you can either:

  • Buy a complete new loom (or section) from VW – but expect to pay £££ (I was quoted £140+vat for a rear door loom)
  • Buy a new connector and solder it up yourself
  • Get a second hand ebay one and test/repair (**)
  • ** – Note this can work and depends on the damage to your loom and what part of the loom. However if its a broken door loom for example, its likely that the ebay loom will be almost as damaged/worn as yours, and not last long.

    This page details the second option. VW still sell the connectors or this post might help, as they actually seem to be AMP/Tyco ones.
    TDI club link

    The sticky cloth type wire wrap is called Adhesive Cloth Fabric Tesa tape i.e. Cloth fabric Tess tape (ebay)

    Other sources of connectors are: Vehicle Wiring Products and PoleVolt

    VW sell what they call “repair wire” which is a crimped pin and 6″ or so of yellow wire on the end. You can also buy the pins, and a crimp tool directly and DIY, but good luck.

    VW Repair Wire

    VW Repair Wire 2

  • Note – VW dealers can lookup the connector part number and get a list of repair wire codes to fit it..!!!!
  • Excellent lookup of the parts (also in ETKA) is in these sites:

    Connector and cable repair
    splash-proof connectors
    Cable to the fuse box for spare fuses
    Connector for the instrument cluster and navigation systems
    Overview Contacts / Cable Repair / single line

    I’ve copied parts of the most useful page (the last one) and put it here – hope nobody minds!
    Connectors_0_5mm PDF
    Connectors_1mm PDF
    Connectors_2_5_and_4_and_6mm PDF

    also – ETKA Electrical connectors list PDF

    To change the pins in the connector buy one of these – Terminal Extractor tool!

    Use like this – insert as shown, push the extractor tool and wiggle tool & wire:

    Insert and wiggle wire & green thingy

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